Throwing A Pirate Themed Party

We’ve all been crazy over pirates at some stage of our life, whether it was after a Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon or a history lesson. Planning a pirate themed party is fun from start to finish. Whether it’s a birthday party, Halloween bash, bachelorette party or just another celebration, this theme will ensure loads of fun!

Picking your venue

The first step to organizing any party is choosing the venue. The venue of a pirate themed event should definitely be surrounded by lots of water, so this calls for a yacht Hong Kong! Several places can be looked up online to hire a yacht. This would increase the excitement and fun level of the celebration greatly. When hiring a yacht, ensure that you do it in a trustworthy and well known place to avoid disappointments. Certain places usually also allow you to look around a few options with varying price ranges before you settle for one.

Guest list

Designing and sending out invitations as early as possible is important, especially if your guests have to come in costumes. This gives them enough time to prepare for your event and select their pirate costumes!

Food and drinks

Catering for your event is also another important factor to consider. You can customize your finger food and menu to suit the theme of the event. Caterers are very flexible when it comes to altering the menu to fit customer ideas. Place the food on mini ships, treasure chests and skull plates to add to the excitement! Having an open bar, allowing the guests to make their own drinks and mocktails is also another fun idea!


Decorating the venue to fit the theme is also essential as this creates a buzz and sets the mood for the party. There are several event supply stores that cater to your every need. However, if you are determined to find decoration that fits all your need, there are several online stores that customize and deliver decorations. Ideal decoration for a pirate celebration would be treasure chests, fake swords, eye patches and pirate flags!


Including a DJ, other fun entertainment ideas would be to pick the best dressed pirate from your guests! Come up with a playlist that suits the theme and atmosphere. Include a few games and activities along the pirate theme such as a few sword fights (inflatable swords), a competition to see who speaks pirate best and get your yacht party started!

These are a few tips on how to get planning on a pirate themed party!